Writing Is My Healing

Healing is a journey. There’s no time parameters. There’s no correct way for a person to heal. It is all based on the needs of that individual. That is why I write. Writing is very healing for me. Some might feel like talking with a friend is more healing. I am an introvert, at heart. When I type my thoughts or feelings on WordPress I feel relaxed. Letter by letter I am releasing my pain. Before I start typing away, I always pray. I pray that God gives me strength to open up to others and to share my story.

With the openness sometimes comes the rude comments or emails. I understand that everyone is not going to agree with me. I understand that everyone is not going to understand my situation. I am the only one who has to walk in my shoes and God should be the only judge.

Last year my journey began. I knew something was wrong in my marriage. However, it took me 17 years to understand what it was. Divorce is prevalent in my direct family and the generations before. I took an oath to God on my wedding day. I really tried to stay true to that oath. I am a very strong and determined woman. I now understand that God does not want one of His daughters to be abused.

Healing takes time. You can’t put a date or a year when you are fully healed. It is the same as the grieving process. In my heart, I know I will be fully restored. Some might ask how can you heal when you are still married to him? I can heal because I am finally working on myself. I am working on my heart and not his. I am devoting time and energy to myself. Something that I have never done in the past.

I am patient and hope you all see that in my writings. I do not make rash decisions and I usually always think before I act. You might not see progression in my writings. Maybe I am not acting fast enough for some. However, I know what is true to my heart. That is the only thing that matters.





12 thoughts on “Writing Is My Healing

  1. Hi Ann – just wanted to high five you.
    It’s healing to write a blog. It gets it out and let’s me look at whatever I’m writing about sitting right in front of me, instead of jumbling around in my head.

    But I get the nasty comments, too. Some I allow to publish, some I don’t.

    Keep being you, do what you need to. It’s your journey. I just thank you for allowing us to ride along with you.

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  2. Ann, I loved this. We are ALL healing from something…whether any of us want to admit it or not is another story. With that said, we all have to work on ourselves (speaking a lot to myself here). It doesn’t matter if we are married, single, divorced, widowed or just complicated, we each have to work on ourselves first and foremost. Just as we are to work out our OWN salvation and not someone else’s. You concentrate on you friend. Pray for you husband. Let God do his thing.

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    1. I agree! It is NOT selfish. It is something that we often neglect.
      I have always tried to HEAL my husband. I tried to heal his brokenness…. His heart…..etc. I was playing God.
      Now I have taken all that energy and I am putting it onto my healing. With the help from God! Before I can go out in this world, I need to be restored myself.

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  3. I have never had that experience of people writing rude comments and emails to me. Not sure why, although I am glad not to have that judgment and attack. And yet I read from you, Walking the Journey, and others that it seems to happen quite a lot. Rude comments are clearly unnecessary and inappropriate to someone who is broken, hurting and attempting to find their path. Or to anyone. But I do wonder if sometimes the comment isn’t rude, but merely an uncomfortable truth that someone is not yet ready or able to process or accept.

    It does always hurt me to see the first reaction of readers is often to stress the end of a marriage. Sadly, sometimes that is necessary, and I have good friends that I have supported in that decision and scenario. But unless there is a fear for physical safety I think there is time to determine that step. Clarity comes with our own healing which allows us to respond to the truth of the situation rather than feelings which are well, just feelings, and neither right or wrong.

    “I now understand that God does not want one of His daughters to be abused.” That is the absolute truth. I believe a broken marriage breaks God’s heart. But I also believe that He values the people within it more. Marriage is an institution, a thing. But people are created in His image, which is worth much more.

    You are a daughter of the King, and that dear Ann, makes you a precious princess!

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  4. If someone writes ugly things to you, it’s not about you Ann. It’s about whatever you’ve written that touched a wounded part of them and they didn’t like it. Please don’t take it to heart. I can’t imagine ever doing such a thing to someone else especially because you certainly don’t deserve it. Take heart dear friend. There are a ton of us who support you and wouldn’t allow someone else to be rude or to hurt you. Stay on your course. You’re not alone.

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  5. I totally agree with everything all the others have said. I’ll just add, quickly, your writing is an inspiration. Your authenticity and bravery it’s so refreshing and encouraging. Thank you for speaking your truth. God is with you.

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